How to Be the Most Effective Direct Mail Marketer

How to Be the Most Effective Direct Mail Marketer
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Many people may have tried direct mail and found their campaigns to be unsuccessful, but this is largely because they haven’t practiced the right methods to be the most effective at it.

Here are some ways you can be the most effective direct mailer and make the most of your direct mail marketing strategies.

Format All Direct Mail Properly

Direct mail comes in a wide variety of formats, from postcards to business letters, or even 2D or 3D packages. All of these formats generate roughly the same amount of responses when used well. Once you’ve determined which format works best, you need to select the format best-suited to reach your audience and subsequently your business goals.

You may need to test different formats to see which your audience responds to most of all, based on the demographic and product or service you’re offering. This way you’ll be able to fully optimize your campaigns to give you the best results.

Develop a Strong Offer

The offer is the message that your direct mail contains, making it the main seller in your mail pieces over the design. The strongest direct mail printing services’ offer will be one aimed at driving traffic to a website or a brick-and-mortar location for more qualification or selling.

Your offers can be a number of things including free product samples, demonstrations, ROI calculators, white papers and other downloads from your website, or simply more information about your products or services.

You really want to make sure your offer effectively reaches your audience and pushes each prospect further along the buyer’s journey with minimal shortcomings. Again, this may require some trial and error testing to optimize.

Create an Accurate and Optimal Mailing List

The list is how you’ll reach your audience. Without a good direct mailing list with accurate contact information and an ideal target audience, you may as well be sending random mail pieces to addresses all over the city. Even if you have the best product and offering, sending it to the wrong audience will make it all a waste.

One way to make sure your list is accurate is to contact a qualifying call down of your list and ensure that all addresses and names, along with phone numbers and other contact info, are accurate. You also need to make sure all people on your list are qualified to receive the given offer. Keep your calls short, with three or four questions at most, and only once you’ve qualified them should you add them to your list. This will save precious time, money, and effort, so you can get the best results while saving money.

Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective ways to mine for new customers and clients, but you need to make sure you take these steps before implementing a direct mail campaign in your marketing strategies.

Make sure you only make the most relevant and cost-effective choices, with a frequency of three or more impressions. Also, always follow up if you truly want to draw in those prospects and convert them into repeat customers.

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