Important Cybersecurity Tips for Online Businesses

Important Cybersecurity Tips for Online Businesses

Cybersecurity is the most important concern right now for many businesses, especially online businesses. Online crimes, like hackings and data theft, is surprisingly on the rise. No business big or small is safe from this threat. Most hackings are made possible not because the hackers are smart geniuses, but because the companies had lackluster security protocols in place. Sony Pictures, the movie studio, was notoriously hacked a while back. The main reason hackers gained access to the company’s most sensitive data is because Sony had not bothered to upgrade its cyber security measures. Sony is a great cautionary tale for all companies. Here is a list of measures your online business can take to stay safe from cyber crime:

Run a Cybersecurity Audit

Most businesses do not do this, but it’s highly recommended to run an audit of your company while paying attention to cyber crime. Veteran business consultancy firms like CBS Corporate Business Solutions conduct small business reviews that include things like finances and management practices. Such a review could include cyber security practices as well. You will need to hire experts for that, but you can ask for references and recommendations from a traditional business consultant.


Protect Your Site with Encryption Protocols

This is an absolute must. Encryption scrambles all data coming and going from your site. So even if a hacker gains access to valuable information, there will not be a way to “read” this data. Your site’s user accounts and payment getaways must be protected with end-to-end encryption. Most standard payment getaways include this protection, but it’s best to be additionally protected.

Get an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate indicates that a site is “secure,” meaning the incoming and outgoing requests are encrypted. Also, an SSL certificate can protect a site from imitators. A web user can immediately identify the real, legitimate version of the site from a fraudulent imitation by looking at the SSL certificate. Getting one won’t cost must, and your site will be protected on many fronts. Your customers can also have the peace of mind that the site is well protected.

Teach Employees Password Security

This is one of the most crucial aspects of employee training for an e-business. Sloppy passwords attract hackers like bees to honey. Some cyber criminals aren’t even hackers. Rather, there are people who spend enormous amounts of time just guessing passwords to gain access to accounts. Therefore, all passwords at the office should be hard to guess. It’s best to use a random letter and number generator for the task. Also, the passwords must be changed every three months or so. Make sure your employees know these things when working for your online business.

Install a Virus Scanning Script

Virus scanning scripts search for anomalies in the source code of your website. If the site has attracted a malicious code for any reason, a virus scanning script may be able to block it. You can install a virus scanning script as a plugin for your website. It’s a valuable tool that all site owners must use.

Don’t forget any of the above tips when securing your online business from now on.