Marketing Trends Businesses Should Expect in 2017

Marketing Trends Businesses Should Expect in 2017

This year’s marketing efforts are coming to the finish line. Many businesses have to determine the success of their marketing efforts via different marketing channels so that they can determine what choices are going to be the safe bet for the year to come. Dynamic and volatile markets alongside with rapid development of technology and software are always going to be the factors that will have the most impact on these decisions.

The main goal is to bring the marketing costs to a minimum and yet have an effective marketing campaign. Planning a marketing budget for the year to come is not an easy task, since it depends not only on things I’ve already mentioned, but also on other factors, such as what new products or services will be launched, branding and who the target customers are.

Let’s go through some marketing trends that will possibly mark the following year.

Email Marketing3

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective marketing methods that has incredible potential for reaching prospects and customers. What is definitely changing in this field is personalization of emails and more focus is being placed on mobile platforms. The number of email opens via mobile devices has already exceeded that of desktop computers. This is why email marketers have to pay extra attention to mail layout and the message they want to communicate.

Furthermore, feedback has become very important since user experience and needs were brought into the marketers’ focus. Nobody is interested in emails that seem to be written by AI with a bit of a generic tone. Customers and prospects expect personalized emails and will not be otherwise motivated to read one.

In order to minimize the wasted time and to cut down on the expenses, companies will have to pay closer attention to the data compiled from email marketing metrics. This is why we can expect these projects to be outsourced to companies that provide professional email marketing services.

Social Media

The ability to have a direct contact and interaction with customers and prospects is what made social media platforms attractive to marketing teams. Another great thing that puts social media platforms at the very top of the most attractive marketing methods is the number of active users.

According to there are 1.6 billion Facebook users, 320 million Twitter users and 400 million Instagram users. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are currently focusing on creating attractive opportunities for business to launch paid advertising campaigns.

And this is the trend that is expected to become even more popular in 2017. The key difference will be the more engaging utilization of its features and potentials instead of just providing mere content that attracts users.

Social media became so popular that only during last year advertisers spent almost 24 billion dollars on paid advertising via social media channels. According to eMarketer this amount is going to go up by 35% during the year 2017.

Video Over Text3

Video marketing is relying on the fact that video material is definitely more engaging than the text. If you want to clearly communicate your message, there is no better way to do it than video. But this marketing media is very sensitive and comes with a long list of dos and don’ts that really make a difference between those 200 and 10 million views.

It is clear that video marketing is going through an expansion and we can expect it to still be one of the top trends next year. Also, YouTube has made it very easy for anyone to upload and share videos. According to HubSpot Content Marketing Statistics Report: the landing page of your business website that includes video increases conversion by an amazing 80% and more than 90% of people who watch videos on their smartphones share them with others.

In the U.S. alone, more than 60% of marketers are planning to increase their marketing budgets to account for video. Video is also a great way to boost engagement, click-through rates, conversion, increase sales, receive more inquiries etc.

Beacon Marketing

This technology has a great potential for retail marketers and some of them are already enjoying many of its benefits. With this tech, marketers are able to understand how the audience uses information and how to communicate it better to them. Furthermore, beacons actually help marketers send custom messages to customers on-site and to bring improvements to the shopping experience.

Early adopters already enjoy the fruits of their investments. But how does beacon tech actually help advertisers? After implementing this tech in the stores, advertisers can track each customer’s browsing and buying patterns, target the customers in real-time right down to the aisle level, keep them more engaged and creating more compelling and relevant offers. All of this has increased sales and increased offer redemption as a consequence.

The beacon technology is currently being adopted in the travel industry, museums, grocery stores and retail stores. We can expect to see further implementation of this technology in other industries.

Personalized Content3

Consumers are not the same as they were just few years ago. You really need to make an effort and provide a value that they will appreciate. It is of utmost importance for business to recognize this, because if not, they will never make it possible to stand out from the crowd, especially if they are focused on penetrating an oversaturated market and the target audience is large.

Targeted content that is going to be mainstream in the future. Finding out ways to add value to your customers’ lives has to be your number one priority. In-depth research of target market has to provide valuable information about the potential customers so that marketers can get an insight into what information the customer’s need. Not doing this is the main reason why businesses are giving up on content marketing.

Optimization for Mobile Platform

The use of the mobile platform is growing very fast, and the number of mobile users is growing exponentially. A few years ago, experts in the marketing field emphasized optimization for mobile traffic, and at this moment smartphone users are spending at least 2 hours online on their devices.

Having a mobile-friendly website or a mobile application are the bonuses that any business should not miss out on. Some search engines, particularly Google, include mobile apps in search results and downgrade websites which are not optimized for mobile.

More Data, More Analytics

All the marketing efforts along with the results, like increased sales and customer satisfaction, generate valuable data that can be used to improve your marketing strategy. A customer-focused marketing strategy will reach its peak in the years to come and knowing how to efficiently gather, measure and interpret relevant data will make the difference between success or downfall.

Measuring how effective your marketing efforts are is going to be done by gathering data about employee engagement, customer retention and satisfaction. ROI is going to the background, and it’s not because people are neglecting the fact that it is a powerful indicator. New metrics can simply provide a more valuable insight into how to improve and maintain overall business performance for longer periods of time.

As you can see, there won’t be any game changers when it comes to marketing channels. Digital marketing is definitely taking the lead in the Internet era. Before deciding on your next year’s marketing budget I would advise sticking to the already proven ones, while keeping an open mind for the brand-new trends in the world of marketing.

If you want to expand your knowledge feel free to read up on this topic, both from a B2C and a B2B perspective. One last thing, make sure to follow the marketing experts on social media to stay tuned in.