The concept of working freelance has existed since a long time; however it is only recently that it has started gaining recognition as an important segment of our economy. With the ever increasing prices of essential commodities and our desire for a minimum standard of lifestyles which includes branded clothes, occasion movie outings, frequent cafe outing and a five star meal in every fifteen to twenty days, the single earning member household of old days is no longer feasible. In such a situation freelance work offers a God sent opportunity. This is reason why it has become so popular among college students, housewives, young professions and also some retired professionals. This kind of work provides a good source of money without being too taxing. For students, housewives and retired professions it allows them a little free flow of money to indulge themselves with luxuries they would have considered out of their reach otherwise. For young professions it is usually like their second job which lets them spend without touching upon their main salary which usually goes into their savings for the future. So, are you too planning to go the freelancing way? Well, why not! Bring out your card holder and stock it with your business cards. But before you enter that route, remember your freelance work desk is as important as your main job and you deserve every kind of convenience that comes in your main work desk, including office stationary like Cross pens, Parker pens to scribble an important note with, also make sure to buy mugs online to rejuvenate yourself when you can’t go on anymore.

To make things easier for you we have listed down some essential office stationary which plays a very important role in the efficient execution of any kind of office work, including freelance work.


Notepads are perhaps the most important stationary item every work desk must have. They are extremely cheap and come in handy for jotting down an idea that might have just crossed your mind, writing down instructions from a client, making a do-to list, or even sketching out a rough schedule for the day. Keep good quality pens, like Cross pens handy so that you can reach it quickly.


Well, this one is rather obvious, isn’t it? To write anything in a note pad or anywhere else makes a pen essential. Pens in your work space should be of a decent quality so that it does not betray you in the nick of time. Imagine, writing down instructions from a first time client and your pen wouldn’t work! Embarrassing, isn’t it? Avoid this by investing in good pens, Parker pens will be your best bet.

Business Cards

 Before starting out you must have your identity in print so that you are more reachable. Business cards therefore play a very important role in work. A smartly designed business card will surely impress potential clients along with serving as an advertisement of your work. After getting these cards printed invest in a card holder.  You surely don’t want to be working in a disorganised desk with cards scattered all around.

A coffee maker

Last but not the least, everyone deserves a break. Buy a coffee making machine for times when you are lethargic and need to boost up your energy. Also buy mugs online for yourself as well as for your visitor. Make sure to buy mugs with sober yet attractive designs to bring a pop of colour to your workdesk!

So, give a head start to your freelancing work but in an organised manner. This little expenditure on Cross pens, Parker pens, notepads etc is actually an investment which will pay you long term returns. So put that business card in that card holder, buy coffee mugs online fill it with some dark stimulating coffee and start making money!