ValueMags Distribution Expansion

ValueMags Distribution Expansion

With every prosperous business such as ValueMags, companies need to consider their next moves and how they are going to keep the attention on themselves. ValueMags is considering moving into Canada but among the many decisions the company has to make, there is one that is very hard to make for ValueMags. Do they distribute in Quebec? Quebec is a very special place because of their language laws which is known to have driven a lot of business away. The province forces the companies in the province to operate in both English and French and their names must also be translatable.

With every federal, provincial and ministerial government there are rules and regulations to follow in order to successfully proceed with daily operations in your company. It may be required for you to apply for numerous licenses or permits based on the prevailing level of government, especially in Quebec explains ValueMags executives.The Canada Business Network, provides an option to search for all available licenses or permits that are required for your field of work. However, this search engine does not provide municipal licenses and permits so it is important to look in to your municipal rules and regulations in order to take the appropriate steps before starting any work. To the right are some licenses and permits required in Quebec.

There are also several regulations that apply to numerous working environments. To name a couple, Human Resources Regulation, Marketing/ Advertising and Sales Regulations, Canada’s and anti-spam legislation, health and safety regulations and much more. When applicable to one of these business activities it is necessary to do adequate research on this activity to ensure that all regulations are followed. ValueMags will definitely have to comply with the Marketing/Advertising and Sales Regulations since that is what they do. Among all the permits and considerations, that permit will likely be the easiest to obtain, no obstacles or worries.

ValueMags has a lot to consider. Ideally, ValueMags wants to move into all provinces and territories. Excluding one would not look good, especially because the Montreal market is so diverse, it would be such a loss.